015 Childhood ADHD with Dr. Tom Fluent

Episode 15:

Dr. Tom Fluent joins us today to talk about childhood ADHD. We use Dr. Fluent’s own personal story with ADHD to talk about the disorder, treatment, and how it effects a family […]

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014 Return of the Pod Announcements

Return of the Pod – Announcements!

We have a second host – please welcome Dr. Matt Hughes!

Our next full episode (and also Matt’s debut) will come out on […]

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013 Podcast Announcements



  • The every-other-week production schedule is sadly unsustainable for me. I am unable to keep up with it myself and I will need to take a break.
  • I am looking for help with […]
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012 Treatment of Phobias with Dr. Kate Baker

Dr. Kate Baker of the University of Michigan joins us again for an episode on the treatment of phobias, building upon the last episode on the diagnosis of phobias.

This episode will cover topics […]

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011 Diagnosis of Phobias with Dr. Kate Baker

Today’s show is about how to diagnose a phobia, with Dr. Kate Baker of the University of Michigan. In two weeks, we will be back with a second episode on treatment of phobias.

This […]

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010 Immature Defense Mechanisms

Today’s episode is about immature defense mechanisms. We are back again with Dr. Michael Casher from the University of Michigan.

Immature Defense Mechanisms covered in this episode:

  • Acting […]
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009 Theory of Mind, Mature & Neurotic Defense Mechanisms with Dr. Michael Casher

Episode 009 Theory of Mind, Mature & Neurotic Defense Mechanisms with Dr. Michael Casher


Today’s show explores Freud’s “Theory of Mind”

  • the id, ego, super-ego,
  • the conscious, pre-conscious, and unconscious


And […]

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008 Biopsychosocial Formulation with Dr. Michael Casher

The biopsychosocial formulation is a way of writing an assessment of a patient in psychiatry. As the name implies, it combines biological, psychological, and social information to develop a full picture of the […]

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007 Capacity with Dr. Charles Surber

Episode 7 – Assessment of Decision Making Capacity

Today’s show is about how to resolve competing interests when a patient wants to do one thing, but the medical team thinks something else would be […]

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006 Delirium with Dr. Charles Surber

On today’s episode, we discuss delirium, a clinical syndrome that many medical students will encounter, often while not on their psychiatry rotation. We define delirium, and then discuss the causes, risk factors, treatment, […]

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