Dr. Kate Baker of the University of Michigan joins us again for an episode on the treatment of phobias, building upon the last episode on the diagnosis of phobias.

This episode will cover topics like:

– What is the best treatment for different types of phobias (specific phobia, agoraphobia, social phobia)?

– What is exposure therapy? How does it work?

– What is “social mishap exposure”?

– What is cognitive restructuring?

– What medications can be used to treat different phobias?

This episode will be most useful for clinical students and residents early in their training. Material may be of interest and use to pre-clinical students, although we will go into more depth than will be required for your tests.

For patient and provider resources on treatment of phobias, you can check out this website from the University of Michigan for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) resources.

Please note we will be taking a short break before coming back with our next episode.