025 Borderline Personality Disorder with Dr. Heather Schultz

The Learn Psych Podcast returns from its prolonged holiday hiatus with a great new episode! Join us today as we discuss Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), a cluster B disorder which many […]

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024 – Forensic Psychiatry with Dr. Lisa Anacker

Forensic Psychiatry:

In this month’s episode, we continue exploring psychiatry fellowships by talking about forensic psychiatry. Forensics is a large field so today’s episode tries to focus in on the criminal aspect […]

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023 Geriatric Psychiatry with Dr. Boore-Clor

This month’s episode looks at what happens when psychiatry patients enter the golden years. That’s right, we explore the subspecialty of geriatric psychiatry. We talk with a geriatric psychiatrist about why […]

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022 Global Mental Health with Dr. Nakita Natala

Today, we go global! Dr. Nakita Natala makes her first podcast appearance to discuss one of her passions – global mental health. It is an interesting talk looking at the big […]

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021 Dangers of Co-Ingestion with Julie Buckner and Dr. Allison Lin

There is a hidden danger on college campuses across the country.

Today, we examine this danger of combining stimulants and alcohol. We first speak with Julie Buckner, who started a […]

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020 Handling Drug Seeking Behaviors Part 2 with Dr. Wang & Dr. Jouney

In this episode, we create a role play scenario of a patient who presents on a very complicated psychotropic medication regimen seeking yet more controlled substances. Dr. Jouney and Dr. Wang will role […]

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019 Handling Drug Seeking Behaviors Part 1 with Dr. Ed Jouney and Dr. Jenny Wang

In this episode, we create a role play scenario of a challenging patient who presents seeking benzodiazepines. Dr. Jouney and Dr. Wang will role play the scenario, and then we have a group […]

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018 Cognitive Distortions with Dr. Ricks Warren!

Psychiatry is more than just medicine…there is that whole talking part too!

Today, we welcome Dr. Ricks Warren a psychologist at the University of Michigan to talk about cognitive distortions and cognitive […]

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ECT with Dr. Dan Maixner

Topics covered:

  • What is ECT?
  • Electricity to the brain – where did this idea come from?
  • Does ECT work?
  • What conditions can […]
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016 Physician Mental Health with Dr. Kate Baker!

Physician and trainee mental health is a popular topic being researched today. According to a paper published by Shanafelt and Noseworthy of the Mayo Clinic in 2016, over 50% of physicians […]

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